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Hellenikon Metropolitan Park Development

Athens, Greece

(Concept Proposal)

Client: Hellenic Ministry, Greece

Area: 530 Ha (100 Ha. for urban development and rest as park).

Estimated Revenue genaration: €700 million (approx), of which € 400 million to be used for park

The relocation of Athens International Airport facilities in 2001, made available for recycling a large chunk of prime land along Saronic Coast in Athens. Site was identified as one of the venues for Athens Olympics in 2004, and includes Hockey and Baseball Stadiums, indoor gymnasium, aquatic sports facilities and practice venues for the Olympics event. Urban Design, Landscape and Revenue generation scheme proposes 430 ha. of Urban Park and 100 ha. of mixed-use urban development of recreational, office, shops, restaurants and residential facilities. Design proposal incorporates retrieval & restoration of important ecological networks as well as Theme parks and Heritage Parks showcasing historically important landscape concepts.

Urban Design | Ecological Planning | Landscape Design | Revenue Modeling

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