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Development Plan of Gwalior West, Gwalior

(Urban Design Consultancy as Associates to M/s DKS, New Delhi)

Client: Special Area Development Authority (SADA), Gwalior

Area of the Neighbourhood: 75 Ha. (Population: 15000)

Cost estimate for the Neighbourhood project: INR 300.0 Cr.

Urban design and Landscape scheme for a model residential neighbourhood of 75 ha of area within the new town in Gwalior West, spreading over 29000 ha of land with interesting physiographic features. The central theme of developing the new town takes a stand to retain identities of the existing urban districts, and complement them with the new one.The scheme also takes cognisance of the major functional allocation, movement network, open space structure,density, building typology, image etc. to be able to evolve the rationale for the future environment and development of the township. Scope of work also includes review of ‘Master Plan’ and ‘Techno-economic Feasibility’ Reports.

Urban Design | Master Planning | Ecological Planning | Landscape Design

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