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National War Memorial

A place for people to show their respect for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe. Delhi

Client: The Ministry of Defence, Government of India

The proposal for the War Memorial at India Gate poses a unique challenge. On one hand, it shall depict the glory that our soldiers have earned for the country, and on the other hand, it shall remind us of a deep sense of loss of precious lives. The proposal underlines such a realization by creating a space for reflection, recessed in the eart. Rather than competing with the landmark structures like India gate and Chhatri, the memorial shall enhance the setting as an opento- sky Memorial Court, embedded within the ground with Commemorative Walls and Bas- Reliefs in remembrance of the sacrifice and past glory. The design for the War memorial will use the 'five elements' – Prithvi (earth), Jal (water, the lotus pool), Agni (fire, an eternal flame, at the central platform), Vayu (air) and Akaash
(space, with a view of the sky)... A quiet place with a central stone platform, the Samadhi (with the Chakra inscribed on it), a pool with lotus, the ‘national’ flower symbolizing the strength among adversity, and bas-relief of war achievements on the frieze walls, the memorial will honor the lost brave-hearts and remember their sacrifice made for the nation...

Site Planning | Landscape Design

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