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Linear Park & Eco-mobility Corridor

Eco-Restoration of Wazirabad Bundh 

Winner of WRI CK 2017 Award & IFLA AAPME Award 2018

Client: Dept of Env. & Forest, Govt of Haryana

Nodal Agency: Iamgurgaon, an NGO in Gurugram

Funding: CSR Funding, Corporate Sponsors 

Site Area: 5.2 km long linear stretch.

Cost: Rs. 13.5 cr.

The Wazirabad Bundh Revitalization project, a citizen driven initiative led by a local NGO, along with the state forest department and corporate sponsors, was aimed at rebuilding a derelict and inaccessible strip in the city, to transform and rejuvenate into a vibrant urban space.

The 5.2Km long stretch of the Bundh, historically formed a check dam in a water collection system. The Bundh and canal alongside was a sad state of misuse.

The Design proposal has transformed the Bundh to create a barrier-free, Ecological network in the form of a linear nature park, with walking and and cycling tracks forming a non-motorized, environment-friendly linkage across the city.

The Revitalization of the forest corridor contributed to energize the urban landscape, creating a 'green lung' for Gurugram and, providing a public space in a natural setting for leisure and community activities.

Landscape Urbanism | Public Park

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